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Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
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HWS(UK)Ltd can provide unrivalled expertise as water consultants to help save water. Using a combination of sophisticated water leak detection systems, a comprehensive water audit and use of water saving products allows us to locate any overcharges and realise typical savings of 30% or more.
Our completed surveys will identify costly inefficiencies in a network, covering aspects such as water distribution and internal plumbing systems that result in unnecessary waste and subsequent high water costs.
Efficiency services may comprise some or all of the following components:

  • Tariff management and bill analysis
  • Feasibility site survey
  • Data logging
  • Assessment of underground leakage
  • Assessment of water wastage
  • Process and consumption audits
  • Pipeline tracing
  • Pipeline connectivity audits
  • Underground leak detection & pinpointing
  • Repair and maintenance service
  • HWS(UK)Ltd can supply, install and maintain an extensive range of waterless and water saving products for reducing and controlling water consumption in an existing infrastructure.
These water saving devices include:

  • Hippos:
    An innovative water saving device installed into a WC cistern which reduces the amount of water used to flush.
  • Automatic/ Push Taps:
    Save water and money by eliminating the risk of taps being left running.
  • Flushmatic Urinal Controls:
    An intelligent flush control system that saves water by adjusting the flush rate according to the number of users detected.
  • BioUrinal and ChemiUrinal:
    Waterless urinal system
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd