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Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Network Detection
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
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Hydrotech Network Detection

HWS(UK)Ltd employ highly skilled mains network engineers who have undertaken and resolved numerous large scale leakage problems on highly challenging sites across the country. Using modern equipment coupled with traditional techniques and our own 'find and fix' methodology we have the ability to react quickly and efficiently to large scale leakage issues and also to track down smaller more difficult losses. We can also repair, renew and maintain all network fixtures and fittings including chambers and covers.

Methods of leak detection include:
  • Sounding:
    - Experienced engineers use a 'sounding stick' to listen for variations in sound through the pipe network. Our engineers find this traditional method, combined with their own expertise, often outperforms expensive modern alternatives.

  • Pipe tracing:
    -  Use of a radio signal transmitted through the pipe network and picked up by receivers can accurately map the water distribution layout. Our engineers carry equipment to trace both plastic and metal pipe work.
    -Where attempts to trace supply pipes using electronic methods fail the RD250 uses a solenoid to send a physical pulse through the water in the pipe. The resulting sound is detected using an electronic listening staff and headphones. This device is particularly useful on plastic pipework.

  • Step Testing:
    Water flow is monitored through a meter and subsequently at points through the network; systematic isolation is used to indicate the direction of the leak and narrow down the problem area.

  • Correlation:
    - Electronic acoustic equipment measures the lapsed time between the leak noise and sensors; it indicates to the engineer the distance from the sensor to the leak. This is generally used on large lengths of pipe and larger diameter supply mains.

  • Ground microphones
    - Highly sensitive microphones pick up leakage sounds and this is amplified into headphones to enable the engineer to hear normally undetectable trace noise.
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd