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Domestic Dectection and Repair
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
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Hydrotech Domestic Detection and Repair

Undetected leaks can cause increased bills if the property is metered and damage to the structure, particularly if the leak is in close proximity or beneath the property. Generally the presence of a domestic leak is only noticed by a property owner either in response to:

• a high water bill
• a notification from the local water company
• abnormal characteristics of the water supply
• water showing
• water damage

A moderate leak of 1 litre per minute could add as much as £2,500 onto an annual bill. Given the present economic climate, there is great incentive for individuals to take immediate remedial action.

Few realise that the water supply pipe on their side of the property boundary is the householder’s responsibility and, if necessary, water companies have the legal right to enforce a repair, passing the costs onto the house owner. Some water utilities will undertake simple repairs free of charge; others may give a little help or none at all.

Leaks can exist underground for years before being detected. Frequently the point at which water is seen breaking the surface is not where the pipe is actually leaking. Our highly skilled teams of leak detection engineers can normally pinpoint water leaks precisely, ensuring that the leak repair can be carried out in the shortest time possible, reducing the cost of the repair to the client with minimal disruption to the individual.

Our informed and experienced call centre staff can help explain the procedures of most of the Country's water companies affording our customers peace of mind - we will where appropriate deal with these companies on our customers behalf.

Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd