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Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
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Click here to reveal  Leak Detection
  • Provision of leak detection services on both main infrastructure and mains supplies

  • The company boasts a comprehensive range of modern equipment coupled with traditional detection methods

  • Our pioneering find and fix capability has delivered impressive results achieving significant cost savings for our clients
Click here to reveal  Repair, Renewals and Installations
  • Installation and repair of all types of water mains and fittings both domestic and commercial

  • Trenchless technology installations

  • Electrofusion and butt fusion welding

  • Pressure testing and chlorination

  • Meter, valve and PRV installations

  • Internal plumbing works
Click here to reveal  Consultancy
Network management, design and analysis
  • Pressure and flow logging
  • Metering and zoning
  • Pressure management
  • Network proving
  • Infrastructure testing
  • Asset performance
  • Mains integrity testing
  • Service delivery
Click here to reveal  Conservation
To date, we have delivered massive cost savings to our clients by identifying areas of illegitimate use and waste; this has been achieved by:

  • Undertaking water audits and advisory service

  • Tariff reviews

  • Installation of water saving devices

  • Servicing and maintenance of existing equipment
Click here to reveal  Groundworks
  • All aspects of ground works

  • Small civils works
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd
Hydrotech Water Services (UK) Ltd